Carolina SuperstarsClass Descriptions

Baton Twirling

Baton twirlingis an excellent way of developing hand-eye coordination, rhythm, timing, poise and gracefulness, endurance, self-discipline, and overall total body coordination. Classes involve all aspects of baton twirling from fundamental tricks to advanced competitive combinations. Basic dance & flexibility skills are also included in all baton twirling classes.

Kinder Dance, Baton & Tumble

Kinder Dance, Baton & Tumble is a great combination class for the little ones. Students have the opportunity to try all of this in this fun fast paced class. Includes stretching, dancing, twirling, & tumbling.

Cheer & Tumble

Cheer & tumble classes include fun warm-ups, stretching, flexibility, tumbling skills, dance movements, dance/acro combinations, pom-pom, cheer motions, jumps & more.

Kinder Cheer & Tumble

Cheer & tumble classes include warm-ups, stretching, basic tumbling skills, dance movements, dance/acro combinations, pom-pom, cheer motions, jumps & more. This class is for ages 2-5.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. It provides grace, poise, and technique. Ballet/Lyrical classes are a combination of both dance forms to include a more expressive style of dance that also helps students  with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, and more.!


Learn fun and current dance moves. Classes include various turns and leaps while focusing on proper dance technique. Students work on flexibility & strength and love this fun class.

New to dance?

o  Ages 2-4– If it is your child’s first year of dance and they are between the ages 2-4 then we highly recommend starting them in our kinder dance/baton/tumble combo class. This class is a great introduction to dance. It also gives them the opportunity to try a little bit of everything with the class including dance, baton, and tumbling. This class keeps the students busy to age appropriate music. 

o  Ages 5-9 –If your child is new to dance they have several options at this age! A lot of our students start out in a baton, dance, ballet, hip hop, tap, lyrical, or ACRO class. 

o  Ages 10-18 – We have several great options for first year students ages 10-18. We have an intro to baton class for middle/high school students that is a great way to learn the basics of baton. Our ballet/lyrical combo class is an amazing dance class for this age. It allows them to learn the basics of dance and ballet while being able to build their confidence in a creative and expressive environment. We also offer hip hop, dance or ACRO.

Returning for another year at Carolina Superstars?

o  Ages 3-5 –If your child has already taken for a year at Carolina Superstars then we recommend the level 2 class. This class is for students ages 3-5 who have already had a year or more of dance. The students in this class already have the basic fundamentals of dance and baton grasped. It also allows them the opportunity to be in a class with students who have already grasped the structure and routine of class.

o  Ages 5-9– If your child is returning to Carolina Superstars then we have two different suggestions for them. One, let them pick from our class options OR contact Ms. Hazel or Ms. Ansley for a class recommendation. Every child is different and our staff can give you an insight on what they seemed to enjoy the most during their previous class. You can contact us any time at 864-844-1249 via call/text. 

o  Ages 10-18– We have several class options for this age including dance, baton, ballet, HIP HOP, & ACRO. We off intro to baton classes, but once the students reach the age of 10 and are returning students then they will normally join a competition team to be able to focus more on improving. We offer ballet/lyrical, ACRO, and HIP HOP classes for ages 10-18 that are not competition teams.